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Posted on 04-05-2017

Is it Dry Eye, Allergy or Both?

When your eyes sting and itch, do you reach for eye drops or the allergy medication? Dry eye and allergies often share similar symptoms, but require different treatment. Learn how our Morristown eye doctor examines you to choose between allergy treatment in Morristown and dry eye treatment.

Woman struggling with allergies in Morristown.

Eye Allergy Treatment and Symptoms in Morristown

The top symptom of eye allergies is itching; other symptoms include a runny nose, swollen eyelids, feeling more sensitive to light, and redness. Some eye allergies tend to come and go, getting worse during allergy season. If you find yourself complaining of eye pain at the same month every year, it could be a result of allergies. 

Allergies to something in your environment feel more constant: If you have a dust allergy, you may feel more symptoms when you're at home and fewer when you're outside. Allergic skin testing confirms an eye allergy. For treatment, we can discuss ways to reduce your exposure to allergens in the home and prescribe medication. 

Dry Eye Symptoms and Dry Eye Treatment

Redness, stinging, and burning is common with dry eye and allergies. We give a dry eye diagnosis if symptoms are feeling like something's in the eye, feeling that your eyelids are heavy, having eye pain, and experiencing blurry vision. 

The trigger of dry eyes includes a dry atmosphere at home or work and long hours in front of a computer, where you blink less often. Some medications have dry eye as a side effect. If you wear contact lenses, they can exacerbate the dryness. 

If we make a dry eye diagnosis, we will go over ways to decrease dry eyes at home and prescribe medicated eye drops. 

See Our Morristown Eye Doctor for Allergy Treatment Today!

Don't put up with itching, burning, stinging, or the sensation that you have something in the eye during allergy season or any time of year. If your eyes are dry and irritated, come to our Morristown TN eye clinic for help. Contact us today at 423-581-2020 to set up your TN eye care appointment and find relief from painful symptoms. 

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